Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wooden Cooking Spoons HELP!! Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Purchase A Good Wooden Spoon For Cooking?

HELP!! Can anyone tell me where to purchase a good wooden spoon for cooking? - wooden cooking spoons

I am looking for a wooden spoon, like Rachel Ray uses on her food show. My aunt is in love with a spoon and I would like to get in a position to Christmas ... at a reasonable price, provided, of course, still gas in my car after Christmas. :)


Angel A said...

Rachel Ray has spent his entire collection of "things .." including the famous garbage plate ... sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Search for the famous spoon "lazy "....... If so .. Under my sources ... It is 24.00 and that Rachel used.

reburtho... said...

Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart.

bloomluv... said...

Umm try William Sonoma. or save a local kitchen, which for May

cane130 said...

I have no idea that RR appears to be used spoons, but $ 24 for a wooden spoon, it sharply. I suggest that Sur La Table. I like their cooking utensils and kitchen better than Williams Sonoma.

Juliet said...

Williams-Sonoma Catalog
Head Center (Paramus, NJ, and Hartsdale, NY)
Chef's Catalog

flo said...

Wooden spoons are very cheap in price.
You are in kitchen stores or kitchen supply stores are available. probably Zellers or Walmart either.

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