Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maxi Mounds Breasts Video Why Is Maxi Mounds The Biggest Breasts In The World, When It Is Really Chelsea Charms?

Why is Maxi Mounds the biggest breasts in the world, when it is really Chelsea Charms? - maxi mounds breasts video

Maxi Mounds has the reputation, with larger breasts in the world. But why? Because Chelsea Charms is definitely superior. Much bigger. In fact, Chelsea breasts, each weighing 26 pounds, while maxi weighs only 20 pounds.


Fueled by Bianca said...

Idk, but both are absolutely disgusting with bodies, terrible for this question.

Дςң∟Σ iق ң said...

£ 26?? Good grief.

Also, why are you so much? If you do not just Chelsea, but if you're not, then do not worry.

Anonymous said...


♥Amy♥ said...

Why bother?

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