Monday, January 25, 2010

Unusual Foot Pain There Is This Unusual Pain In My Foot. What Is It?

There is this unusual pain in my foot. What is it? - unusual foot pain

It has not happened lately is. When this happens, it is very rare, and it hurts very badly. What happens is that part of my foot (like on the left side of his shoe would be a sort of near the ankle) charged really badly, draws and veins. It hurts too bad that he did not even walk, and I have to stay there and walk until the pain disappeared.

What is it? Is this a kind of rare muscle disorder?

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sokokl said...

The foot pain may be something like muscle spasms (an example) or a so-called plantar fasciitis is related to an inflammation of the tendons in the foot and the tissue around it (just one example).

I recommend as a physician for an evaluation of the situation to see what they think is happening.

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