Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pearl Rosary ?How Do I Care For Pearls?

?How do I care for pearls? - pearl rosary

I have a nice pearl necklace of cultured pearls, I can respond a few questions about pearls, IHOP
1.How to my own soul beads for the last time?
2.will harm pearls if I keep in my pocket (the lil pocket jeans) is preferable to use the beads or ruin
Thank you for your help:) Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


shabocon said...

There are cleaning products on the market for pearls, but finding something hard to find. Any other commercial cleaners must state explicitly that it is safe for pearls or not used.

Instead of a commercially available cleaners, washing the beads periodically removed with mild soap and a soft cloth from any accumulation of dirt and body oils. Be sure to dry your pearls with a soft cloth and let the necklace is long enough for the cover material on the air.

Do not use abrasive cleaners on pearls - Do not use any toothpaste, baking soda.

When storing your pearls, store them separately hard from other jewelry or other objects. Stored in other pearl jewelry have been removed or damaged beyond repair.

I think the possibility of damage to pearls if you is in the pocket of his jeans very high. You do not want to rub pieces and string of pearls.

However, with the Rosary is probably the safest way to keep the rosary with you.

All jewelry(or rosary) beads, which is always the last thing that you removed in the presence and first undress.

Make sure that you have all these things girl - Hairspay up on perfume, make-use - before the beads. Spray or stains on Pearl products can dull the luster of the pearls.

Use the chain of pearls and enjoy.

Good luck.

Clamdigg... said...

+ The key is to try to use anything abrasive on it. Simple mild soap and water hand is probably the best.

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