Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Waterproof Spray Can I Waterproof Suede Shoes With A Spray For Leather, Canvas, Vinyl, Rubber Etc?

Can I waterproof suede shoes with a spray for leather, canvas, vinyl, rubber etc? - best waterproof spray

This spray can be used in waterproof suede or could damage the shoes? Do I need a special suede waterproofing spray?


lil_one said...

There is a certain deer-repellent spray.
Simply follow the instructions. only problem, you must Respray that if he wet.
I suggest you simply use your suede shoes dry when your

KAS said...

Read labels carefully. You will need a special deer-repellent spray.

I bought a tin of black shoe waterproof spray shoe when I bought Rocket Dog shoes. It's called: SOLF sealing SOLE .. The ultimate protector. You can read the bottle is an invisible protective water repellent and breathable. Ideal for shoes, boots, hats, jackets and other clothing.

I can for my daughter, the famous fake suede shoes and it worked. You may seal them for shoes and nothing else!

AJ baby <3 said...

This works very well! : ...

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