Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Glow In The Dark Hairs?

Glow in the dark hairs? - glow in the dark nail polish

The second question of the day. Hurray!

This is my Halloween costume. And I glow in the dark lacquer. Everything that is received at my hair to an easy job, really. Neither wants to shop online. I go into the actual store and buy. Businesses in Canada, please. Thank you!


dwarflet said...

Hmmmm ... Try to have you there with shops specializing in Halloween, what he wants. Or try to glow in the dark face paint, I've done before, is bold and should indicate to remove the shampoo (shampoo, and 3: () but it does not work if you do paint.

__A_YAHO... said...

Im not sure whether they are red hot in Canada, but if they do, may be able to find a light in the dark color there ... If U Can not find it, U, can not prove or that the flap of the tent could be a beauty salon or hairdresser, you will find what you need and

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