Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ski Jobs What Jobs Would Best Help Residents Stay In A A Small Ski Town With Out Having It Bought Out From Under Them?

What jobs would best help residents stay in a a small ski town with out having it bought out from under them? - ski jobs

I live in a small ski resort. Like many others, is growing rapidly. The problem is that rich foreigners to buy land rush town of big houses and second homes to. Its all cheaper than they are, but still expensive for the locals. The price of land and housing is rising rapidly. The city has very few jobs, a place to make enough money to enable them to make buying a house. Many people here are either in construction or other work to make homes in the service at low wages. Have It's like you're having the city below us. What type of well-paid jobs would be good to try to lure our city? People always say high-tech, but it worked only for the storage of a successful merchant site (Web site) where people are super smart geek has earned only $ 10 per hour.

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Hawke Ranger said...

Perhaps a lot of people get to form a co-op business, which can all help each other by building their own business dinners, too. Business customers to help them rebuild their community. You can create jobs, significant tax relief through the use of local people. Creating online businesses. Acquisition of land as a co-op, the cooperative owners of the owners of the land, so you can try to wrest control of the property market, then the co-op owners to sell at market rates deflated ..

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