Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fun Pokemon Silver Online Who Likes Gold/silver/crsytal Version Better Than Pokemon Diamond And Pearl?

Who likes gold/silver/crsytal version better than pokemon diamond and pearl? - fun pokemon silver online

I was the best game played on my Game Boy Color and it was totally fun-let's love of gold and silver version.the as much fun as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl


shadowlt... said...

Gold has more than any other game in the Pokemon series, or GBC for now. All the big games, Pokemon much better than 2CND gene into the stream.

Ben Kei said...

I love the game of the GSC, but I think the new games Diamond and Pearl are also good. The great feature day and night and the week went through the events of the day are back. No losses, except U, you can not migrate to pokemon from GSC. However, in D / P, you can use your friends via Wi-Fi battle and battle enemy U-May there also strong man on the Wi-Fi Battle Tower. U can also play from time to their games GSC Somtimes not like me time anyway, it's as if you do not play after the GMES new here? Right

darkblue... said...

Yes, I think I have very good with them. New games are much more expensive, confusing and difficult to remember all the pokemon big Goofy. Why not surprise me if it is a shadow Bidoof! In the old games, there are two worlds ... what makes the game more. In addition, some of his more poignant .. and I felt I did a good job with their first games. This does not improve after. Of course, you can communicate with other coaches, but like most is it? I prefer the old-fashioned, I play really old glass one now! I totally agree with everyone else. ;)

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