Thursday, February 18, 2010

Suzuki Outboard 2 Strokeoil/fuel Mix Is A Suzuki 8hp Outboard A 2 Stroke?

Is a suzuki 8hp outboard a 2 stroke? - suzuki outboard 2 strokeoil/fuel mix

1986 Suzuki 8hp only need information as possible, thank you


ell jay said...

Yes, and you have a reservoir of oil in the crankcase, and could be injected, the oil must from someone who knows the cause of the crash and May, can be reviewed, you must oil in the fuel mix

Sprout said...

1986 was the first year produced 4-stroke, but I think that Suzuki has produced 4-stroke 8hp then. Do you have a separate oil tank? That should tell you if there is a 2nd stroke

Daddio DX said...

If you do me the model # I can tell you, dass
If the pattern begins with the cycle # DT = 2
If the model # starts the cycle DF = 4
Please tell me the model # and I can more information.

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