Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Original Rsvp Cards How Do I Make It Clear To Guests That RSVP Is A Must For My Wedding/reception?

How do I make it clear to guests that RSVP is a must for my wedding/reception? - original rsvp cards

I need help in drafting the reply card to something to make this clear, customers must confirm their attendance, they'll say. The original card says: "Please reply July 25, 2009" How can it? Or say something before?


odie said...

There are no words strong enough to control the peasants. Keep what you have. A few days after the deadline, in short, all those who have not responded. Tell them that the priest and his meals on the planning front is serious. Most of them continue coverage, they want to go to tell you, "but it depends on the mother of Mary", etc. Give them a new appointment: "I want to be, but we need to know before 5 August. "
To say the bad thing to force people, yes or no to, is that you get a higher percentage of false promises. People will say "yes" to his selfish, "maybe."

Miss_Au... said...

Most people are aware of the need for a response. However, there are people who do not care about good manners and do what they want, that everyone who will be condemned. Whenever you want, it adds nothing to the response card, they force them to do what you want or more. The actions that we are on 26 July, you start calling everyone who does not respond, and learn what happens, so you get an exact number of restaurants.

An excellent advice giver said...

You can not. No RSVP is hard, but it happens. RSVP because most people Arent rude.
Sure approximately 3 weeks before the wedding date, have to respond. Then start calling at 3 1 / 2 weeks before the wedding, people you have not heard, to make sure that you have come or not. Something might be happening or have forgotten it. So, call your mother, your father or your friend and find out what else to respond to one or the other way.

A receiving side (s) in his contract is generally for people over 5% (eg, persons who presented themselves, but I forgot to RSVP), and used a lot of extra or additional costs. Make yours with people, food, shelter or reception of other people.

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