Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scarves Like Bam Margera Where Can I Find The Kind Of Clothing Bam Margera Wears(not The Element Stuff)?

Where can i find the kind of clothing Bam Margera wears(not the element stuff)? - scarves like bam margera

The T-shirts strange coincidence, blazer-type jackets, scarves ... destroys the whole night and saw a little, but it's) very elegant (for me. As things in this picture, for example ~ Bam Margera-Posters.jpg --

Where can I find such things?


lady bird said...

HotTopic. or the band HIM has his own fashion line, a Finnish group whose favorite band is Bam Margera.

Karitsa said...

try places like PacSun HotTopic, and in any case, check the fashion line of IT --

♥mYbOo♥ said...

Good luck in hell

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