Friday, February 12, 2010

Enlarged Gallbladder Causing Side Back Discomfort Whats Cause Of Enlarged Kidneys?

Whats Cause of Enlarged Kidneys? - enlarged gallbladder causing side back discomfort

Ok ... I just had a baby 3 months ago. While I was PG I had pain in the right side, just below the ribs. We thought it was my gallbladder and had an ultrasound on him and found no abnormality. We decided to leave him alone until the child was born.

Now, the pain returned and the rest of the United States a month ago ... After checking that all my organs. The doctor says I have an enlarged kidney and that's what causing all the pain they. It is, therefore, set up appointments, tests and kidney specialists.

I have tried to have enlarged kidneys on the Internet. But I have not yet come with PKD, and I know there must be other reasons.

So know if you think that someone would be with this illness or other reasons, it happens ... Please let me know.

PS. I did not ask that the diagnosis of my ... I just want to know why! Thank you!


Blues Man said...

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Dr.D.C.M... said...

There are many reasons for the kidneys! You need to write what is your need to urinate? Did you complain about your partner that your urine or a burning sensation or blood at any time? This microscopic examination of urine and urea and creatinine in blood is normal? To see if everything is normal not to worry, the time a kidney is slightly larger than the others! In my practice I have seen cases of child mortality, kidneys, one kidney is normal, and in the same condition it was in its infancy! You see, there are other reasons! The stones may be small in the kidney leading to this state! Polycystic kidney can be! Here, I would say go pyelography in the year to assess renal function! If so, filtering or late? Check your kidneys filters 17oø liters of blood in 24 hours! And only 1500 liters of urine! Personally, I do not think you give your kidney back pain when it's just great! Due to strain and sprain must supply or hard drive or a problem of wood first systems stenosis, which can never be justified, but the kidney has nothing to do when all the evidence comes standard!

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