Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rabbit Pet Store Do I Have To Take A Pet Store Rabbit To The Vet Right After You Get Him?

Do I have to take a Pet store rabbit to the vet right after you get him? - rabbit pet store

I will take (a rabbit from the pet shop, I have tried to take, but it took too long!) And I know I ought to him to the vet, are already affected.

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ĸΘΘĸy94 said...

What do you mean change? How neutered? If you purchased a baby from the pet store, you can not be countered. Again, look at your new pet rabbit for company, feeling of lump in the skin, eye secretions, etc., and it can not always count on the animal. I would give him to the vet every few weeks to take to get used to you and your smell, it is convenient to go with you. Good luck! : D

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