Monday, December 7, 2009

Linki Do Blogow I Innych Portali Spolecznosciowych How Can I Enable History (the New Messenger Service That Archives My Messages On Yahoo Servers)?

How can i enable History (the new messenger service that archives my messages on Yahoo servers)? - linki do blogow i innych portali spolecznosciowych

How do I activate the story (the new messaging service, the message files from my Yahoo server)? I have tried what they say on their side, but it does not work. U can help me please? Maybe you send me an interesting link to the page where you can activate this service. Thank you!

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dfinc said...

Click Messenger for arhive prefrences and the message or the ability to turn, check to see if
Visit the link below to the Yahoo message archive viewer, which you and save u ur message file for download offline free, although the UR

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